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The On story

On was born in the Swiss Alps. Since our inception, we've had one goal: revolutionize the way you run. It all revolves around one radical idea: soft landings followed by explosive push-offs. Or, as we like to say: walking on clouds.

It all starts in Switzerland


From its humble beginnings in Zurich in 2010, On has had one big goal: to change the world of running. In the eight years since, On has captured the hearts and feet of more than seven million runners in over 50 countries. And our triumph is far from over...


Three friends, one mission

Not only the love of running brought the former professional athlete Olivier Bernhard and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti together. They are all committed to the same revolutionary idea. This is her story.




After he ended his competitive career as a professional, the three-time duathlon world champion and multiple Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard devoted himself to a very special idea: the running shoe for the perfect running feeling. This plan brought him together with a like-minded Swiss engineer who had an idea for a new type of running shoe. In the years to come, this first radical idea was optimized through the perfect symbiosis of running experience and engineering.




Dozens of prototypes were developed. The basic concept – cushioned landing, powerful push-off – always came first. It was this unique feeling when running that also persuaded Caspar Coptetti and David Allemann to collaborate. Together with Olivier Bernhard they founded On in January 2010 in Zurich. Their mission to develop a product range shaped by Swiss engineering quickly gained momentum.




Just one month later, in February, the prototypes won an ISPO BrandNew Award, one of the most important awards for innovative sporting goods. The test runners were thrilled. They talked about a feeling like walking on clouds. In July 2010, the first On shoes hit the stores.





Ten years later, On running shoes are available in more than 8,700 specialty running shops in over 50 countries. In addition to the European headquarters in Zurich, On has opened offices in the US, Japan, Australia and Brazil. On products continue to win international awards for superior design and innovative technology. And On is far from the finish line.











The revolution begins

David Allemann, Olivier Bernhard and Caspar Coppetti designed the first On and founded a company that aims to make running even more fun.











Studies confirm the effectiveness of On technology

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich publishes a study showing that test runners wearing On have a significantly lower heart rate and lower blood lactate levels.








Launch of the cloud racer

On introduces the Cloudracer competition shoe.





Article in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal describes On as a revolution in running shoes.











The management team is growing

Martin Hoffmann and Marc Maurer join On as CFO and COO.






North American headquarters opened

In addition to the On headquarters in Zurich, a US headquarters is opened in Portland, Oregon.






Nicola Spirig walks on clouds

Nicola Spirig, Swiss Olympic triathlon champion, switches to On and brings a breath of fresh air to her run with Swiss cushioning technology. She switches to athletics and faces even more intense challenges there.







On athlete Frederik Van Lierde wins the Ironman

Belgian Frederik Van Lierde wins the 2014 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in a cloud racer.







Launch of the cloud

With On Cloud With the On Cloud, On introduces the lightest, fully cushioned running shoe in the world.






High placement in Runner's World

Runner's World magazine ranks On among the top 20 running shoes in the US, UK and Germany.









The second ISPO Gold Award

The On Cloud wins the ISPO Gold Award in the category Best Performance Shoe 2015/16.





Opening of the Asian company headquarters

On opens an office in Japan, strengthening its global presence.






Launch of the Cloudflyer and Cloudsurfer

On presents the all new Cloudflyer that offers stability yet is light and agile. At the same time, the new Cloudsurfer hits the stores. Its open cloud construction provides even more speed.








Crowned with success

Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Chivo Lubezki won an Oscar for Birdman and Gravity. For the third year in a row, he has won the Oscar for Best Cinematography for The Revenant. At the Oscar photo shoot for Variety he wears his favorite shoe: The On Cloud.






Launch of the cloud venture

On continues to expand its range of running shoes and introduces the Cloudventure family. The Cloudventure is a lightweight trail running shoe that performs at its best in demanding outdoor conditions. With soft landings thanks to CloudTec® cushioning, nothing stands in the way of runners, even downhill.





Launch of performance running gear

Six years after the company was founded, On presents its own running gear, the Performance Running Gear. The goal: an even more comfortable running experience.





Nicola Spirig is back on the podium at the Olympics

Four years after the Olympic gold medal in London in 2012, Nicola Spirig won silver in the women's triathlon in Rio 2016.






Launch of the Cloudflow

On presents the Cloudflow. An unprecedented 18 clouds optimize your run exactly when you need it. Ready, set, flow.











On keeps growing

In the new year, On shoes are already being sold in 3,000 specialist shops in over 50 countries. Three million happy runners rely on On for their runs.






On declares 2017 the Year of Speed

With the Cloudflash (ISPO Product of the Year) and the Cloudrush, On is introducing two new competition shoes. This shows: On continues to focus on performance.





#WeAreAllOne: On sponsors the Refugee Team at the World Championships

A refugee team takes part in the World Athletics Championships in London. Athletes wear On Performance Running Gear specifically designed to help them perform at their best when the eyes of the world are on them.





Launch of the new Cloud and Cloud X

A next-gen favorite hits the stores with the new, improved Cloud. In addition, the brand new Cloud X is launched; a performance shoe for runners who value variety in their training.








Taken to the Edge: The Cloud Edge

With the ultra-limited Cloud Edge, the classic Cloud appears for the first time in a roadworthy triple gray design. And is sold out in no time.





Tim Don: The Man with the Halo

The first On documentary follows the inspirational story of Ironman champion Tim Don, who suffered a fractured neck just days before the World Championships in Kona and from that moment on is struggling to make his comeback onto the elite competitive scene of the Ironman world.





Matt Hanson breaks the Ironman world record

With a time of 7:39:25 at the Ironman North American Championship, On athlete Matt Hanson beats the previous record time of 7:40:23. His On teammate had set this up a year earlier at the South American Championship.






The Cloudace appears

The Cloudace is the most modern On of all time: A combination of maximum support and speed, awarded the ISPO Gold Award. A 24-hour relay race around the world showed: This shoe is "Seriously Ace" - a real ace.





Cloud, Cloudflyer and Cloudventure become waterproof

These waterproof variants of the most popular On models are also breathable, making them perfect for road runs, trail missions and city trips in all weather conditions. The expanded waterproof collection leaves no excuses.






On presents the Performance Running Socks

Running socks are also available from On for the first time - the perfect pair for maximum performance and a feeling like running on clouds.




On expands its global presence

With the opening of offices in Australia, China and Brazil, the On experience reaches new corners of the world.






The new Cloudventure with Missiongrip™

Ready for the trail: The clever CloudTec® cushioning is even more robust thanks to the Missiongrip™ rubber layer. Various traction patterns and grip elements give trail runners full control downhill.








Top US teams rely on On

Two of America's most prestigious running teams are now using On. Both On ZAP Endurance and the Mammoth Track Club gain a decisive advantage thanks to On shoes and clothing - whether in training or in competition.





The launch of the Helion™ superfoam

Helion™ Superfoam is introduced for the first time and, with its uncompromising cushioning, ensures a revolution in running comfort. Thanks to Swiss engineering, it is at the same time light and durable, incredibly springy and temperature-resistant. In short: everything you need for the perfect road run.




The first shoe with Helion™ is the Cloudswift. It offers optimal performance on hard surfaces and protects against the force of impact. Its sock-like upper construction offers pleasantly tight comfort. A perfect shoe for urban runners!





Debut for Run Your Local Mountain

The first edition of Run Your Local Mountain (RYLM) is a complete success: more than 81,000 runners from 180 countries join forces to climb a total of 21,104,426 meters in altitude in just one weekend. This trumps the original goal of 10,000,000 meters in altitude many times over.





The Cloudstratus with dual cushioning

The feeling of walking on clouds gets even better. In the revolutionary Cloudstratus, two CloudTec® layers on top of each other ensure sequential cushioning for the first time.



The first hiking shoe from On

With the Cloudrock Waterproof, On is launching a hiking shoe for the first time. At the same time, the Cloudventure Peak is renewed and supplemented by Missiongrip™.





On returns to the origin

The first business plan for On was developed by our three co-founders during a hike in the Engadin. To celebrate our origins, we returned to the Swiss Alps and set up On Mountain Hut there for a limited period. The self-sufficient two-person hut was made of sustainable materials and was built to leave no waste and fit seamlessly into the alpine environment.



The evolution of the cloud continues

The legendary silhouette of the Cloud is constantly reinventing itself: as a Cloud Dip with ballistic canvas, as a Cloud Beam with a 3D-embossed upper shoe or as a Cloud 70 | 30 with a striking split colourway. The limited Cloud Edge sees a further development with the Cloud Terry and as such will probably soon replace the Cloud Edge Moon as the fastest selling On of all time. This was launched as a limited edition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and sold so quickly that half of them were sold out just 15 minutes after they went on sale.






Roger Federer joins On as an entrepreneur.

As the new co-owner of On, Roger will be a close partner to On's founders and the entire team. With his wealth of experience, he will work on product development, marketing and fan experiences. He will further contribute to the athletic spirit of On's performance culture.








RUN: The documentary about the Athlete Refugee Team

RUN: The Athlete Refugee Team Story, an inspirational tale of the greatness of the human will, premieres on YouTube. Filmed over three years and on three continents, the feature-length documentary follows 31 athletes from Rwanda, Somalia, Morocco, South Sudan and Congo as they attempt to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.






Kick-off for THE ROGER

At the interactive event "ROGER Live", in which the Maestro also takes part in person, THE ROGER Center Court will be unveiled as the first product to bear Roger Federer's golden signature. The tennis-inspired everyday sneaker combines timeless design with feather-light CloudTec® comfort and has a hidden Speedboard® for powerful agility. The shoe will soon be sold out.






A different kind of shoe

A special milestone: With the Cloudnova, we are officially presenting our very first sneaker. It combines the technology of our performance running shoes with the silhouette of a street-ready sneaker. The result: A completely new type of shoe.






On Athletics Club makes its debut

Peppered with elite runners from all over the world, the On Athletics Club (OAC) presents itself to the competition scene for the first time. Three-time US Olympian and running legend Dathan Ritzenhein will lead the first official On Athlete team.






Cyclon and the shoe you'll never own

Our first fully recyclable shoe is announced. It is made from castor seeds and will only be available by subscription. The idea: run, give back and get a new pair - over and over again. 100% recyclable. 100% performance. The shoe is part of the Cyclon project, with which we are pursuing the goal of making a long-term commitment to the production of sustainable products - both in the shoe and in the clothing segment. Keep your ears and eyes open...







go ultra

The Cloudultra is our first ultra-distance running shoe. Right from the start he was awarded prizes for innovation in trail running.






Curtain up for THE ROGER Pro

The world is hearing about THE ROGER Pro for the first time, On's first-ever competitive tennis shoe, which the On Lab co-created with Roger. Developed over two years, this competition shoe was the original technology inspiration for THE ROGER sneaker collection. Roger Federer wears THE ROGER Pro after his injury break in his comeback at the 2021 Qatar Open in Doha.






The trip goes on

On keeps growing. This also applies to the On Team: bright minds who are constantly developing new, extraordinary ideas. Do you think you fit in? Then don't miss the starting shot. Apply now. You can find current vacancies under Career.